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We're all in this TOGETHER...we can RIDE this out!

I have always thought it would be nice to have a "Pause" button so when life gets a little overwhelming we could just take some time to regroup. Well, that has happened big time these last couple of months and I must say I have enjoyed the extra time but would have preferred it wasn't because of a deadly virus.

With all of our plans and schedules put on a temporary hold - festivals canceling, galleries closed, social distancing and many of us working from home - I used the time I would have been preparing for my Festival Season to create new jewelry, add the new items to my website and build a shopping component into to my website. (It only took a pandemic to get me to do this!)

This has really made me appreciate some things I took for granted - my creativity, studio time, getting out and meeting you at festivals... I really miss seeing you all at the shows! During this slow time it has made me so happy to see that the environment has been healing and wild animals have had their much needed alone time too. I know eventually we will get back to a new normal. Hopefully, all of us humans have learned something from this experience that we can carry forward to make our world a better place.

Until then, stay healthy & be kind,


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